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Adoption Services Prep Checklist

The intent of this checklist is to gather the required assets, knowledge, and resources necessary to have a successful engagement and outcome. Customers may have all, some, or none of these assets and roles listed. By filling out the checklist and sending what a customer does have, it will help the Enterprise Adoption Services team understand the customers maturity and baseline understanding for the engagement.



N Item/Asset Description Response
1 Current state overview –          What is the goal of the Program?

–          What are the primary areas you are challenged with?

–          What are the current challenges/problems?

–          What is the current progress/achievements?

2 Data strategy and/or Program Charter document –          Overall charter and/or strategy on how Collibra is being used  
3 Program Roadmap –          The list of the use cases with business problems, expected value, and success criteria defined

–          Roadmap of prioritized use cases with key milestones and capabilities required to ensure those use cases are successful

4 Data Office or some form of Data Strategy Team –          Data Office structure – Org. chart, roles/responsibilities and collaboration/communication processes within the team

–          Overview of what this group of resources is tasked with

5 Playbooks or Services for use cases deployed –          For existing use cases/processes/services, how was the organization successful in deploying and ensuring adoption/value?

–          Any artifacts related to those objectives (e.g. playbook for developing new use cases; strategies for engaging the business; etc.)

6 Education, Communication and Promotion Plans –          Is there a communication plans defined?

–          Is there a promotion plan defined?

–          Is there a (role-based) training path defined?

7 Solution Architecture –          Do you have both a current state and a future state architecture/visio to share about how the system has/will be implemented?  
8 Adoption and/or Value Measurements –          How are you measuring adoption and platform use today?

–          Where are you tracking those metrics and how are you using them as part of measuring the value of the use case?

–          Do you have a framework for measuring the use case value?

9 Business Operating Model –          For what’s been deployed in production, how are you approaching for ongoing maintenance, curation, and adding new information to your Collibra instance?  
10 Security, Privacy and Access –          What processes and controls do you have today on ensuring the right people have access to the right assets?

–          Which change management processes to keep the Operating Model consistent do you have?



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